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Welcome on my official blog, let’s introduce myself,

Name: Ahmed Mubarak Ahmed (Nickname: RoofMan)

Age: 22 Years old

Religion: Muslim

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

College: Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIET)

Specialization: Computer Engineering

Profession: System Developer & System Administrator

Interests: Cosmology, Modern physics, Satellites, Remote sensing, Radio-frequency identification, Augmented reality, Embedded Systems, Artificial intelligence, Network security, Reverse engineering, Code Breaking, Electronics, Programming Languages, System Development, Database development, Digital Systems, Operating Systems, Web development, Robotics.

Field of Research: MAVs, Satellites.

Other Sites: To check my other sites visit my profile About RoofMan


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi roofman,
    i recently came to your website in search of fast communication with serial port and found RTSerialCom which is useful. but i am stuck with ethernet communication, a weighing device with ethernet connectivity, how can i use your library for the same. please help.

    thanks in advance.

    Anand acharya

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