TEData Meter

The Problem

Last month i faced a problem with my TEData quota limit and the speed downgraded to 512kb, because i didn’t get any updates about my current quota in real-time.

So currently to check your TEData quota you need to access TEData Website and this is not real-time solution and soon or later you will forget to access it periodically. so visiting the website is not a efficient solution.

So i built my tool “TEData Meter”¬†and decided to publish it for free.

TEData Meter

TEData Meter is a simple & neat tool to do the donkey work for you and keep you updated about your current Quota in real-time on your PC without need to visit TEData website.

Simply the tool access TEData APIs every 10 minutes to fetch your data offline on your PC and notify you about any change.

TEData Meter (Light Mode)

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Fast Serial Communication For C# Real-Time Applications

While I’m working in AeroXtreme MAV Researching Project, i faced a serious problem in the serial communication in .NET C#. The standard C# serial component is too slow to handle fast serial communication for real-time applications. The MAV Main Computer send data over serial communication in high frequency and send a lot of data. When I used the standard C# serial library “Receiving Event” a huge lag of communication appeared and the buffers is jammed due to the high frequency of communication. After a lot of testing and debugging i found that the serial communication using the standard library will fail in such application so i tried to develop a Fast Serial Library to fulfill my requirement of real-time communication. My Library solve this problem and it can work with high frequency communication without any overhead on the processor due to the frequency control technique.

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